Give Us Your Leads. We’ll Give Back New Business.

Warm-Transfer quickly culls qualified customers from any kind of lead list and hands them back ready to buy.

Warm-Transfer’s high-speed process starts the moment you give us your leads. Then:

We Call

Warm-Transfer’s sophisticated dialing system calls your leads up to 5 times, using a constantly updated profile that includes the best times to reach each person.

We Qualify

When someone answers, a professional from our call center asks a few qualifying questions and makes sure there is still interest.

You Close

In the same phone call, we transfer the customer to one of your sales reps. Instantly, the sale is ready to close.

Any Leads, Any Source

We love leads! Give us any kind:

  • Internet: Leads that came in through your company’s website or a third-party site.
  • Print and Media Advertising: Responses to direct mail pieces, TV or print ads and other marketing efforts.
  • Trade Shows and Events: Business cards, registration forms, attendance lists.
  • Seminars/Webinars: Attendees, even no-shows.
  • Inactive Customer Files: You’d be surprised at what new life Warm-Transfer can breathe into a dead file!
  • Current Customer Files: Upsell, cross-sell.
  • Anything you have! Not sure what category matches your leads? Give us a call. We’ll work with you in a FREE consultation. Call us at 877-274-5221.