5 Reasons You Need Warm-Transfer To Turn Your Leads Into Sales

Our proprietary process for insurance, mortgage, education and other leads is time-saving, cost-cutting, and high-speed.
We mean really, really fast.

Dear Colleague:

  • Did you know that even after multiple attempts, only about 20% percent of lead calls reach a real, live person willing to hear a sales pitch?
  • Did you know that only a few of those completed calls will turn into sales?

It’s not worth your money or your sales reps’ time to chase down the handful of high-value customers hiding in your stack of leads. Let Warm-Transfer take prospecting off your plate forever.

Reason #1: Speed

Fast is the new slow in today’s competitive world. We start processing your leads the instant we receive them and quickly hand back the only ones you want: qualified customers on the line, ready, willing and able to buy. With Warm-Transfer, you start your race at the prospecting finish line.

Reason #2: Systems

Our proprietary high-speed dialing network can process a lead list 6 or 7 times faster than a human. We create a custom profile for every lead, and then we load specific instructions into our sophisticated dialers. Our dialers never quit—or become bored or frustrated. We keep trying until we have closure.

Reason #3: Staff

The reps in our 300+ seat, US-based, 7-days-a-week, call center receive exceptional training. We randomly monitor calls to maintain consistently excellent performance.

Reason #4: Experience

We process thousands of leads every day. We have performed more than 3 million warm transfers, reducing costs and expanding sales dramatically. Bank on it: We know what we’re doing.

Reason #5: We pursue perfection.

Warm-Transfer constantly test scripts and lead criteria to identify the most and least profitable segments, promoting continuous improvement. Our systems are high-tech, but our approach is all about old-fashioned persistence.

So set your sales team free.

Get them busy closing sales instead of chasing cold leads, and watch what happens to your bottom line. If you are buying or generating upwards of 1,500 leads per month, call me for a free consultation now, at 877-274-5221.

With my personal thanks,
Jeff Feuer
President, Warm-Transfer

P.S. I invite you to watch this video to learn more about how our company works.