maximize your leads.
we’ll show you how.

  • 25 Years’ Experience with Fortune 500 Clients
  • Over 8 Million Warm Transfers Made
  • A 95% client Referral Rate

we are the Experts in
Reaching your Leads

For over 25 years, Customer Solutions Group and Warm-Transfer have helped Fortune 500 clients and others lower customer acquisition costs, shorten sales cycles, and grow market penetration. With over eight million warm transfers made so far, we know exactly how to maximize leads and increase sales.


can help you

  • contact prospects faster
  • increase conversion rates
  • revive aged prospects
  • upsell and cross-sell
  • win back inactive customers
  • boost retention rates
  • earn higher ROI on marketing spend

Companies lose so much potential business to poor lead qualification or inadequate follow-up. We do the work for you, so your people can focus on closing the sale.

How we get your
Leads ready to close

We work with prospects and customers at every point in the sales and retention cycle.

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    we connect

    Our multichannel platform connects with your audience, using a contact strategy customized for each industry. And we can incorporate SMS text messaging to reach even more prospects.

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    we Qualify

    When we reach someone, a professional, U.S.-based agent verifies identity and interest.

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    You Close

    We transfer the lead to one of your sales or service reps, ready to cross the finish line.

Through superior qualification, innovative design, and real-world testing, Warm-Transfer breaks through the clutter to deliver qualified prospects.

we quickly determine the
best contact strategy

Our real-world testing allows head-to-head, statistically valid comparisons of competing contact strategies. Scalable and stress-tested, our platform’s leading-edge features answer these questions and more. Warm-Transfer works closely with you to tailor the method, timing, and message, resulting in increased sales and lower costs.

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    What is the most effective script?
    (We’ll help you write it.)

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    Is the best method through phone alone,
    or blended with SMS?

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    How long is the ideal wait time
    between calls or texts?

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    How many attempts maximize results
    without damaging your brand?

give us YOUR leads.
we’ll give back new business.

If you're buying or generating at least 1,500 leads each month, we can take your business to the next level. Our proprietary platform reaches your audience in multiple ways and unites all communication into one simple system. No more running to numerous vendors or stitching together response data! No one else can do what we do.

  • Live Agent Calls
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Prerecorded Calls
  • Custom Cadences and Spacing
  • Head-to-Head Cadence Testing

rest easy.
we’ve got you covered.

We set the highest possible bar for professional, legal, and ethical standards. We never risk your reputation by “overcalling.” And all data is housed exclusively within the continental U.S.

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customer service

Today’s consumers demand a personalized customer experience for the life of the relationship, or they’ll quickly go elsewhere. Warm-Transfer makes it easy to serve, satisfy, and impress your customers.

Did your customer…?

  • miss a payment, which could lead to default or cancellation
  • forget to update credit card or address information
  • fail to upload a required document
  • trigger an account lock due to potential fraud

Do they need a reminder to…?

  • activate a feature or sign up for alerts
  • register a purchase, fill out their profile, or go paperless
  • visit your new website, branch, or store
  • participate in a program before they lose benefits (ex: frequent flier miles)
  • sign up for a free consultation

Warm-Transfer connects with customers before minor issues become problems that could lower revenue and credibility. We enhance — and often save — the relationship. Everybody wins!

happy customers are your
best marketing tool

When customers feel cared about, they’re more likely to stay loyal, buy more of your product or service, and refer new customers. We’ll help your company achieve:

  • deeper customer engagement
  • higher loyalty and retention rates
  • better order fulfillment
  • increased brand awareness
  • improved reputation
  • more upselling & cross-selling

Most companies don’t have the resources for great after-sale relationships. Warm-Transfer does the work for you, using the same leading-edge technology and real-world testing to improve customer service as it does to convert leads. Simply put, it works!

Our sales improved significantly. Warm-Transfer is a professional, ethical, and practical advisor on all things related to inside sales. I was particularly impressed by the quality of their representatives!


warm-transfer has been a terrific business partner over the years. Their insurance and internet leads background have been invaluable in developing our program, and I would highly recommend warm-transfer.


warm-Transfer applied a custom campaign that proved successful. Their hands-on approach and professionalism helped us launch a new product. I would definitely use Warm-Transfer for any future endeavor.


I worked closely with warm-transfer while at a Fortune 100 insurance carrier and in my current role leading sales at an insurtech startup. The level of responsiveness, attention to detail, and overall quality of the partnership is unmatched. I highly recommend Aaron and the warm-transfer team!



In an industry that’s sometimes compared to used car sales, we take pride in being honest, responsive, transparent, and accountable. We protect your brand and your customers. After nearly three decades, we know better than anyone how to enhance your customer relationships and prevent mistakes that could jeopardize them. We don’t just make calls; we make the right call.

We do it with our technology, which is unparalleled at improving efficacy and reducing spend, with dozens of unique, powerful features that you can manage right from your desktop. With Warm-Transfer, you could save more money by optimizing your bids than you spend on our service. Don’t believe it? Let us show you how!

Equally important is our people. Each of our account managers provides five-star client service. And we carefully select, train, and coach our call agents, who are all U.S.-based. clients are treated like family and have access to Jeff Feuer, who co-founded Warm-Transfer parent company Customer Solutions Group (CSG) in 1993, after graduating from Harvard Business School. CSG was later featured in a Stanford Business School case study used to exemplify state-of-the art marketing and call center best practices. Jeff is also the past chair of the Standards Committee of the Leads Council, which updates consumer privacy and data protection standards.

We welcome your questions!


Jeff Feuer

Co-founder and CEO



If you are buying or generating upwards of 1,500 leads per month for your business, we can help you. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 888-925-1075.

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